Fabrizio is patient and a very personable teacher.  I never felt that the two hour classes were boring or dragging along.
Necesitaba de alguien con agilidad mental y buen dominio de inglés y holandés, para realizar una demo de un Software de Gestión para un cliente holandés. Con Fabrizio obtuve los resultados deseados y pude finalizar mi venta satisfactoriamente. Fabrizio sobrepasó mis expectativas.
Director Sport & Consulting
Valladolid Spain
Fabrizio is a great language teacher!  He loves teaching and always manages to get the best out of his students.  He truly understands that language learning requires engagement. Able to build trust with his students, Fabrizio is able to overcome people’s natural fear of embarrassment and failure.  He’s great at making language learning a fun and rewarding experience.
Un placer trabajar con Fabrizio, traducciones rápidas de calidad y a precios muy competitivos, se lo recomiendo a todos
Owner Goldbex International
Barcelona, Spain
Fabrizio Bianchini Is an excellent teacher . His unique background contributes to his creative style of teaching.
Each lesson is different , exciting and productive . He is a dedicated , patient teacher .
He makes learning Italian very exciting . I would highly recommend him for those serious about learning a new language.
Fabrizio is a very hard working, proactive and forward thinking individual who is always willing to go out of his way to ensure he meets client deadlines to a professional standard – Fred Kwandahor
Business Development Director for Study English2Excel Ltd
London, UK
I have been following private weekly Italian lessons with Fabrizio for the last four months (via skype). Fabrizio is an excellent teacher and I am extremely pleased with the weekly lessons I have been taking with him. I already had a good knowledge of Italian and Spanish, but my goal was to improve my proficiency and fluency. Fabrizio’s tutoring has been instrumental in helping me reach that next level. Fabrizio is very knowledgeable, dynamic and has a very interactive approach to teaching languages. He is also an excellent listener and has been very good at helping me identify the areas where I need to improve. When pointing out errors Fabrizio is always very friendly and tactful, and always provides good explanations and exercises in order to help me improve in these areas. Thank you Fabrizio for your dedication and for all your hard work.

Fab is really sweet and kind, and quite welcoming! We loved the location, a bit outside of the downtown, still walking distance from the beach and right in front of a metro to get anywhere you want. Fab work at home, but he has a room for his studio so it leaves a lot of space for us to enjoy the place. Quite comfortable!

My wife and I recently started working with Fabrizio in our home once a week to learn how to speak Italian. To date, our time with him has been incredibly well spent. He is very easy to understand and uses teaching methods which seem to be working very well.  He is patient and detailed in his approach and makes sure we understand everything clearly before moving forward with the next lesson. We know with his help and our persistence, we
will become proficient with the Italian language. We are now becoming increasingly excited about our next trip to Italy in August knowing that we will be able to be more comfortable with the Italian language with Fabrizio’s great help.
We were extremely impressed with Fabrizio’s professionalism and adaptability to our needs, as we navigated our way through a Toronto meeting with some very important Italian clients. His attention to detail and his outgoing personality put everyone at ease. Fabrizio was able to relay clear and concise information back and forth between all of the attendees. Thank you Fabrizio – we could not have done it without and you and we would not hesitate to contact you again!
President/Hydroclave Systems Corp
Kingston, Ontario
On our behalf, Fabrizio has taught Spanish to international business students in the Netherlands.
He has proved to be very punctual and trustworthy, being able to independently perform his task
without any interference from our side. The quality of his work was satisfactory to the client,
not only as far as the technical side was concerned, but also with regard to the pleasant relationship
he managed to maintain with the students. His relationship with us was satisfactory as well, he did
what we asked him to do, he would use his own initiative if required and he was open to any questions
or suggestions from our side. All in all, we can definitely recommend Fabrizio to any employer who would
consider using his services.
Mi considero tanto fortunato d’aver trovato un insegnante che sa discutere dell’arte.
Sopratutto, ti ringrazio per non aver mai lasciato l’inglese s’intromettersi nei nostri incontri.
……E una cosa che era un vero aiuto per me.
Comunque, ti auguro la buona fortuna nei tutti tuoi impresi.
E chissa, magari ci incontreremo un giorno a ‘La Scala’…..almeno, ecco uno dei miei cari sogni!
Fabrizio is an extremely knowledgeable Italian instructor and is clearly passionate about teaching and sharing Italian culture.  His approach is interactive and motivating.  In addition, he is very flexible which makes the learning process even easier.  I look forward to continuing to learn Italian with Fabrizio. Grazie!
I highly recommend Fabrizio as a teacher of Italian.  I started my Italian lessons in Italy with a two week course.  Upon my return to Canada, I found Fabrizio and continued to practice my conversational Italian while also learning the basics of Italian grammar.  I particularly like the way that Fabrizio tries to explain everything in Italian.   He’s good at finding alternate ways to explain things in Italian until I understand the point.  He switches to English only when absolutely necessary.
He is also good at using different teaching tools – textbooks, internet resources like dictionaries, grammar exercises and videos, children’s books, etc.
The proof of Fabrizio’s success as a teacher is the fact that I went back to Italy and met my original Italian teacher there.  She complimented me on the progress I had made and said it was very evident that I had continued to study Italian.  And, perhaps most importantly, I felt confident enough to use my Italian in Italy at the market, in restaurants, etc. and was understood.  I even had a conversation about bus schedules with a fellow traveller in Italian. I find Fabrizio’s approach to teaching Italian to an adult beginner ,as I am, to be relaxed and understanding, but always professional.