Grazia is a fantastic teacher, who genuinely took an interest in helping me advance in my learning, she was very good about correcting me when speaking which I greatly appreciated, she was active in making sure to correct my use of words, and typing them out so that I understood in reading as well. She was extremely patient. And she spoke at a pace that was suitable for me.
Aside from her teaching skills, she is a very likable friendly happy person who I enjoyed studying with.
Ernestine Lona

I highly recommend Grazia as an Italian teacher. She helps me improve my Italian effortlessly.  Even though improving my grammar can feel like work, it often seems more like a conversation between friends–the best way to get comfortable in a language!  I am very interested in Italian culture, art, and politics, for which Grazia can easily converse. She is actually the first Italian who has adequately explained current politics in Italy (as well as anyone can!), so that I can better follow the newspapers.
Until I become immerse in language in Italy, Grazia, you are my life-line!

Susan Landers

Being able to continue my Italian language learning through Skype has been a life saver for me! It’s so convenient and such a good deal, I can’t recommend it enough. Grazia is amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the first minute, and she is great about giving the right feedback at the right time. I feel very lucky that I found The Mediterranean Solution and Grazia, and am very much looking forward to continuing my Italian adventure with them.

Marissa Iannarone

Learning Italian language with Grazia has been a nice experience that i will repeat again to learn this  time about the Italian culture,  she’s a professional, and a great teacher, aprendiendo Italiano con Grazia fue una experiencia linda nunca me imagine aprendiendo Italiano pero ultimamente me ha llamado la atencion y volvere a re tomar clases, es una gran maestra, paciente y profesional”  Grazie Grazia!
Sono Jorge Luis Hernandez, Messicano e mi piace la lingua Italiana

Jorge Hernandez

Grazia es una profesora maravillosa. Desde el primer momento me sentí comodo con ella y su manera de enseñar es realmente muy buena. ¡Maneja las herramientas de internet muy fácil y la verdad que descrubí un mundo virtual que no conocía, jaja! Muchas gracias por tu paciencia y por tu actitud tan positiva!

Juan Delasosa

Grazia is a great teacher, I love having class with her, I forget about jobs and everything stressful in my life and at the same time I’m learning many things about the Italian culture and the Italian language, I never knew before.

Laura Dinapoli

Grazia’s lessons are fun and I am learning Italian for real!!!

John Smith

Before starting class with Grazia, I was afraid to learn on Skype, I felt uncomfortable only at the idea. But from the very beginning, she made me feel …at home LOL! It’s many months now I have having class with her and I feel like she is part of my family. A part from that, she is a wonderful Italian teacher. I can speak Italian and having a general conversation when I go to Italy on holidays! Grazie..Grazia

Lilly McRoy