An Italian Full Immersion with Grazia!

Buongiorno a tutti!

I am Grazia, I am an Italian teacher and have been teaching  for more than 8 years.

I come from Abruzzo, a beautiful region close to Rome on Appennini’s mountains. I have a degree in Anthropology and a specialization in Italian Museums and I have lived many years in Florence and in Rome.

I love to teach because I love the contact with my students and the feeling to help people to learn . I am in love with Italian, it is a unique language, created to have a musical sound. From the very first moment, I try to transmit my students the uniqueness of the Italian Language but also of the Italian culture.

I offer a free trial class to break the ice and afterwards, if you will decide to buy a package, fees are only 17 or 19 euros per hour depending if you are willing to buy a 5 weeks or a 3 months (13 weeks) package.

MY METHOD IS A COMPLETE  FULL IMMERSION INTO THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE. In fact, from the 1st minute till the end of the class, I will mostly speak Italian with you!

My main hobby is tango. In fact, I am a tango ballerina and I went several times to Buenos Aires to improve my technique and to learn what there is behind this culture.

I teach only on Skype because I think it is a great way to learn a language and it offers a lot of different tools which make the class interactive and fun. On my side, I put all my passion for this language and I offer all my experience as an Italian teacher … on Skype offering a lot of videos, readings and listening. Try one class for FREE, I am sure you will have fun and you will learn immediately some Italian!

Payments are on PayPal, the safest way to deal with online payments and if you scroll down hereby, you will be able to decide the package and the number of ours directly from my page. Once you will have decided, you can click on BUY NOW and the page will redirect automatically on the PayPal webpage where you will only have to log in and confirm the payment.

I hope to see you soon, ciaoooo!




Clicking on this link GRAZIA’S REVIEWS  you can find some reviews my students wrote about my classes


Price and conditions:

You can choose between two basic packages:

A 5 weeks package at 21 euros per hour

B 3 months (13 weeks) package at 19 euros per hour

Hereby you can proceed with the payment:

A- Five weeks package at 21 euros per hour  for ONE on ONE classes and 28 euros in total per hour for group classes.



B- Three months (13 weeks) package at 19 euros per hour  for ONE on ONE classes and 25 euros in total per hour for group classes.



- Payment is in advance as much as arrangements about schedules. In case of hectic schedules, we can arrange every class weekly.
- In case of the 5 weeks’ pack, you can cancel or reschedule (with more than 24 hours notice) your lesson one week of five. If you will cancel or reschedule more than one lesson, you will loose it/them. You have 6 weeks time to use your pack of 5 weeks’ lessons.
In case of the 3 months’ pack, you can cancel or reschedule (with more than 24 hours notice) two weeks. If you will cancel or reschedule more than two, you will loose it/them.

If, during the lessons’ period, you have a trip or holidays planned, don’t worry. Tell us a bit in advance (one week at least) and we will freeze the pack till your way back home!
If you bought a 3 months pack and you do not want to continue afterwards, you will have to inform us 3 weeks before the end of the pack. In case you will not have done it, you will have to pay at least another 5 weeks pack.
NOTE: We always apply a 24h notice policy in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the lesson.