Italian lessons with Eva!

Italian lesson with EvaABOUT ME

Buongiorno, Salve,

My name is Eva, I am Italian, originally from the city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, in the North East of Italy.
I consider myself an enthusiastic and passionate person both in life and in my work.

I firmly believe communication and languages are the key to enrich international relationships between people and different cultures, and this is the mantra I follow living my life!

I got a diploma in foreign languages, certified by QCER, the European Common Reference Framework and a degree in Cultural Heritage Management.

I am based in North America now but I lived most of my life in Italy. During that period, I was very active in the sector of Cultural Heritage and Entertainment. I was collaborating together with museums, institutions, foundations, cultural festivals and cultural associations.
For many years I worked organizing and promoting events with “Fondazione Arena di Veronaā€¯. Arena is the important Roman monument which is considered the largest outdoor opera theatre in the world.

Art and cultural exchanges are a passion that never abandoned me and often guided in my decisions, pushing me to travel, to discover and to share.


My students normally are adults or young adults and they need to learn Italian to travel or to move in Italy.Italian Lesson with Eva

My approach is based on both grammar and conversation.
Grammar because I think an adult need to step on the logic of a language.
Conversation because it is important to practice the language from the very first moment and to have a positive approach with it as well.

During all my years teaching Italian I had pleasant surprises and unexpected results from my students. The high interest in my native country and in its culture and its language makes me proud of what I do.
Some of my students who have traveled in Italy, whether for tourism, culture or study reasons, got great help out of my classes and I am still in touch with some of them.

I know and appreciate communication and cultural exchange. For this reason with each of my students, I like to discover the reasons they move them to learn my language, as much as their skills and their particular needs and goals. Collecting all this information, I am able to create a specific program and a specific method tailored to each of them.


Skype and learning online are a great tool. Some students are afraid of this media or they even think it is better to learn face to face.
I have been doing both and I have to say that, if the teacher knows the tools at his/her disposal online and how to use and share them with students, Skype is definitively a more powerful way to learn.
Last but not least, it can offer very flexible schedules and very affordable fees.

I agree to have a TRIAL CLASS for free with my potentials students to “break the ice”.

My fees are normally 21 or 23 US dollars per hour depending on the pack, you will decide to buy.
Hereby, you can find more information:


Price and conditions:

You can choose between two basic packages:

A 5 weeks package at 23 US dollars per hour for one on one class and 28 US dollars in total for a group class

B 3 months (13 weeks) package at 21 US dollars per hour for one on one class and 26 US dollars in total for a group class

Hereby you can proceed with the payment:

A- Five weeks package at 23 Us dollars per hour for ONE on ONE classes and 28 Us dollars in total per hour


B- Three months (13 weeks) package at 21 US dollars per hour for ONE on ONE classes and 26 US dollars in total per hour for group classes.


- Payments are in advance as much as arrangements about schedules. In case of hectic schedules, we can arrange classes week by week.
- In case of the 5 weeks’ package, you can cancel or reschedule (with more than 24 hours notice) your lesson one week of five. If you will do it more than once, you will loose it/them; this means, that on a normal base, you have 6 weeks time to use your package of 5 weeks’ lessons.
In case of the 3 months’ package, you can cancel or reschedule (with more than 24 hours notice) twice; this means, that on a normal base, you have 15 weeks time to complete the 13 weeks package.-

If, during the lessons’ period, you have a trip or vacations planned, don’t worry, we can freeze the package for a 3 weeks period maximum as long as you are going to inform us with one or two weeks notice.

- If you bought a 3 months package and you do not want to continue afterwards at the end of the package, you will have to inform us 3 weeks before the end of it. In case you will not have done it, you will have to pay at least another 5 weeks package.

NOTE: We always apply a 24h notice policy in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the lesson.