Learn Italian, the language and the culture directly with a real Italian teacher! Our Italian Online Courses are run by unique teachers with a large experience teaching Italian and a  specific degree to teach it as a second language. Moreover, each of us has a unique artistic or cultural profile.
You will not have to move from your home or office, you will learn whilst remaining comfortable and for a very reasonable price.
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We will provide you the rest of tools completely for free.

Our Italian Online Courses offer the same kind of service of a face to face lesson and even better. In fact,  we can see  and talk to each, we will share a common file where we will be able to write and read simultaneously and we will use a lot of useful tools and material we can store online!!

Hereby you can see a video our director Fabrizio created. In there, he gives a brief explanation of our classes.


Italian Classes on Skype are normally run by Fabrizio or Grazia 

Italian lesson SkypeFabrizio is the creator and the director of this Academy. He is in his late thirties, has a degree in teaching Italian to foreigners and more than 10 years experience. He used to be a manager for a big multinational. He speaks fluently Italian, Spanish and English. He is, nowadays, also a professional visual artist. He works on social art projects around the world and he takes a lot of care to details and to his students.
He normally teaches speaking a lot in Italian but explaining grammar and answering to student’s doubt in English or Spanish (according to the student’s nationality).
To learn more about him you can click on this link FABRIZIO.


Italian full immersion

Grazia also has a unique profile as well. In fact she is an experienced Italian teacher  but she is also an anthropologist (specialized in Italian Arts and Museum) and is also a professional tango dancer and teacher!

Grazia offers to her students an ITALIAN FULL IMMERSION method. In fact, she teaches Italian speaking and explaining almost fully in Italian. She provides grammar’s explanation in Spanish or in English ((according to the student’s nationality) but she tries to speak Italian to her students for the very first moment.

If you want to learn more about her, you can click on this link  GRAZIA


With our classes, you will not have to move from your home or office, you will learn whilst remaining comfortable and for a very reasonable price, you will choose the best time for you to have class and you will learn fast and fun!!

Send us an e-mail and we will set a FREE TRIAL LESSON, to discover if this is what you are looking for!!!! Italian lesson on Skype!
If you will not like it you will not be obliged to buy anything or pay any fees.

In order to start lesson, you will only need a good Internet connection and a Skype username (learn more about how to install Skype, if you do not have it yet on the following link or we can even assist you). We will provide the rest.

So…Learn Italian, its language and culture directly with a real Italian teacher! Italian lesson Skype!



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In general, fees are really fair, especially compared with the level of preparation and experience of the teacher.

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We offer individual and group classes. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Hereby, you have a short video tutorial that explains how are classes run. Ci vediamo presto!