Learning Italian on Skype with Laura!

Ciao a tutti. My name is Laura and I am an experienced Italian teacher for foreign students. I love my language and I love teaching, I think it is a privilege to see my students improving their skills and helping them to get their goals!

I come from Florence, the mother of the Italian language and all my educational background rotates around Italian. In fact I have a degree in Italian Language and a master degree in Italian Semiotics. I also got the DITALS certification  from University of Siena to teach Italian as the second language.
I have 8 years experience teaching Italian and I speak English and Spanish fluently.

My method for beginners is based on a part of grammar and a lot of conversation.
For the ones who wants to have only conversation, I have tons of readings, videos and listening about many different topics!

During my classes, I try to speak as much as possible in Italian with my students from the very beginning. However, I can use English or Spanish (as you prefer) to explain grammar if you feel more comfortable about it.

I love languages so much that one year ago I decided to go back to study and learning Modern Greek!
I consider myself an active person and in my spare time I practice Shiatsu, a Japanese bodywork based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I think online lessons are a great and unique way to learn and teach a language. We can use many tools we could hardly use face to face and we can be interacting comfortably for our house or office. Last but not least, fees are way more fair and scheduling is really flexible!

The atmosphere of my lessons is relaxed and professional. You’ll quickly gain confidence in order to practice your Italian in public. I normally focus my classes on grammar and conversation.

I offer a free trial class to break the ice and afterwards, if you will decide to buy a package, they cost only 21.5 or 23 euros per hour depending if you are willing to buy a 5 weeks or a 3 months (13 weeks) package.

Payments are on PayPal, the safest way to deal with online payments and if you scroll down hereby, you will be able to decide the package and the number of ours directly from my page. Once you will have decided, you can click on BUY NOW and the page will redirect automatically on the PayPal webpage where you will only have to log in and confirm the payment.

What are you waiting for? Contact me and I will be happy to offer you a 30 minutes TRIAL CLASS

Hope to see you soon. A presto!



Price and conditions:


You can choose between two basic packages:

A 5 weeks package at 23 euros per hour

B 3 months (13 weeks) package at 21.5 euros per hour

Hereby you can proceed with the payment:

A- Five weeks package at 23 euros per hour  for ONE on ONE classes and 30 euros in total per hour for group classes.

5 weeks pack Italian – Laura

B- Three months (13 weeks) package at 21.5 euros per hour  for ONE on ONE classes and 26 euros in total per hour for group classes.

3 months pack Italian – Laura

- Payments are in advance as much as arrangements about schedules. In case of hectic schedules, we can arrange classes week by week.
- In case of the 5 weeks’ package, you can cancel or reschedule (with more than 24 hours notice) your lesson one week of five. If you will do it more than once, you will loose it/them; this means, that on a normal base, you have 6 weeks time to use your package of 5 weeks’ lessons.
In case of the 3 months’ package, you can cancel or reschedule (with more than 24 hours notice) twice; this means, that on a normal base, you have 15 weeks time to complete the 13 weeks package.

-If, during the lessons’ period, you have a trip or vacations planned, don’t worry, we can freeze the package for a 3 weeks period maximum as long as you are going to inform us with one or two weeks notice.
- If you bought a 3 months package and you do not want to continue afterwards at the end of the package, you will have to inform us 3 weeks before the end of it. In case you will not have done it, you will have to pay at least another 5 weeks package.

NOTE: We always apply a 24h notice policy in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the lesson.