My name is Fabrizio, I am 40 and I am the creator and the director of Mediterranean Solution.

I have more than 10 years experience teaching, I have a degree in Foreign Languages (and Marketing) and I have been teaching in several Language Academies and Universities. It is now 8 years that I teach exclusively online through my own company to U.S. students.

Normally, my classes are a mix of grammar and conversation. I use several tools: videos, readings, audio, grammar…. and all the material is for free.

I help every kind of students: learning Italian for a short trip, learning Italian for a long stay, learning Italian for studies, learning Italian for work and learning Italian as a native.

On top of it, if the student wants, we can learn about Italian habits, Italian traditions, Italian food and Italian arts and culture.

In each of my classes I mix professionalism and a touch of creativity, to make the class productive and fun at the same time.

My method wants to give students a logic and a structure to learn the language but also a positive approach and a lot of conversation to speed up the learning process, and my unique profile helps me a lot in reaching this; in fact, I am a teacher but also a visual artist (, and till a few years ago, I was a manager for an important multinational.

My online Italian classes are completely interactive. They have an easy format and you can take them comfortably from your house or from your office. On top of it, scheduling is quite flexible and I always try to fit to my students’ availability.

I offer a TRIAL CLASS for free to show my potential students the way I teach. Afterwards, they will free to decide if continuing and buying a pack of classes (5 weeks or 3 months) or not to continue with no charge.

Payments are generally deal using the platform PayPal, the best and safest platform for online payments

Hereby, you will be able to choose the best pack and the number of hours/classes you want to have and once you will click on the button BUY NOW the page automatically redirect to the PayPal web-page where you will only have to confirm the payment

Online Italian Classes

In the last three years I focused all my energies in offering Skype lessons, because I think it is the best way to guarantee my students flexibility in terms of time, efficiency in terms of results and a fair price too related to the quality of the lesson. Working constantly in this field, I have been able to create/adopt specific tools and specific methods and nowadays I am proud to affirm I can offer my Skype lessons are more productive than a normal face to face one.



Clicking on this link FABRIZIO’S REVIEWS  you can find some reviews my students wrote about my classes



I offer to my potential students a TRIAL CLASS to show the way I teach and to introduce myself. Afterwards, you will be free to decide if it is of your liking or not.

In case you will like it, you can buy a pack of classes (5 weeks or 3 months).

If you will not like it, you will not be charged.

If you need a different package and/or an intensive course with more hours per week, please feel free to contact me at

A- Five weeks pack at 26 US Dollars per hour for one on one classes and 32 US Dollars per hour (in total) for group classes, no matter how many students you are!

5 weeks pack Italian – Fabrizio

B- Three months (13 weeks) pack at 24 US Dollars per hour for one on one classes and 30 US Dollars per hour (in total) for group classes, no matter how many students you are!

3 months pack -Italian lessons – Fabrizio


– Payments are upfront as much as our class’ schedule. In case of hectic schedules, we can arrange classes week by week.
– If you buy a  5 weeks’ package, on a normal base, you can skip (with more than 24 hours notice) your lesson one week, completing the pack in 6 weeks. If you will do it more than once, you will loose the classes you will not attend.
If you buy a 3 months’ package, you can skip (with more than 24 hours notice) two weeks; this means, that on a normal base, you have 15 weeks time to complete the 13 weeks package.

-If, during the lessons’ package, you have a trip or vacations planned, don’t worry, we can freeze the package for a 3 weeks period, as long as you are going to inform us with one or two weeks notice.

If you bought a 3 months package and you do not want to continue afterwards at the end of the package, you will have to inform me 3 weeks before the end of it. In case you will not have done it, you will have to pay at least another 5 weeks package.

NOTE: We always apply a 24h notice policy in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the lesson.