Before starting class with Samine, I was afraid to learn on Skype, I felt uncomfortable only at the idea. But Samine made me feel immediately comfortable and I forgot the media I was using and I started loving her classes for the very first moment!

Samine is a great teacher and a great person!

Mick Coles

Learning French with Samine is a unique experience. She is patient and she takes care of the class in every detail.

Eunice Sanchez

I highly recommend Samine as an French teacher. When  I started with her, my French was rusted but in a few months I was able to speak French fluently again.  I feel ready for a trip to France again!

Christine Direnzi

Being able to continue my French language learning through Skype has been a life saver for me! It’s so convenient and such a good deal, I can’t recommend it enough. Samine is amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the first minute, and she is great about giving the right feedback at the right time. I feel very lucky that I found Mediterranean Solution and Samine, and am very much looking forward to continuing my French adventure with them.

Mary Smith

I studied French when I was a teenager, I did not like it but I needed to learn it for work…. Samine saved my life, learning with her, I changed the perception I had on the language and now, after a few months, I can speak French for general conversations already!

Nick Porter

Samine is a great teacher, I love having class with her, I forget about jobs and everything stressful in my life and at the same time I’m learning many things about the French culture and the French language, I never knew before.

Nelly Chan