Mediterranean translation.

Mediterranean Solution is also focused on Mediterranean issues related to translation.
If you need to translate a text from your language to a Mediterranean Language or vice versa, please feel free to contact us and ask for a free quotation.
Our company is made by great professional translators for many years. Moreover, our director is a translator himself and during the last years had the chance to work together with other free-lancers in project related with many languages and in this way he had the chance to know experts in many languages and sectors who know collaborate with us.
In Mediterranean Solution we evaluate the person and the professionalism of our collaborators.INTERPRETING Mediterranean translation interpretation.
Nevertheless, we offer a high standard service on one hand and on the other we try to offer competitive prices too. The main secret is the low commissions we apply to our translators’ fees, way lower than a normal translation agency, as much as the power of organization and coordination which make us save a lot of time and consequently a lot of money too.
We also would like to underline Mediterranean Solution normally offer online services but at the same time we do it working on quality and not, as most of times happens, on quantity. Mediterranean translation interpretation to a great quality.
Satisfying our clients and their needs is our main goal and in order to achieve it we offer a unique and customized service, a strong and accurate customer service and we select our translators for their quality and their accuracy, and we control the work counting on a small bur really efficient group of collaborators. Mediterranean translation interpretation in a customized way!
We cover most of fields. Hereby we name some:
- Tourism
- Marketing
- Law
- Food and drink
- Wine
- Arts
- Sports
- Negotiation
- Political and Educational science
- Anthropology
- Religion
- Social education

Fees depends on volume, technicality of the text/interpretation and on delivery’s time. In general we try to offer a competitive price vs a high standard service. Mediterranean translation interpretation at a great price!
In case of translation, our prices goes from 0.035 to 0.090 euros per word.
In case of interpreting, they are between 25 and 90 euros per hour.
We guarantee a fast, efficient and professional service at a competitive price.

Contact us for a free quotation and to learn more about service and pricing. We will be happy to listen to your needs and to find the right person/solution for you.

Please note: in case of Italian and Spanish translations, our director will take care of working on it or will edit the translation before the delivery, so you will count on the maximum reliability and accuracy.